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Dance Classes at JCDA

Offering all major dance disciplines for ages 3 and up!


We offer classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theater, HipHop, Lyrical, Pointe, Acro, Break Dancing, Contemporary, Praise, All-Boys Hip-Hop, Competition, Modern and Contemporary Dance for all age levels and technique levels, including many ADULT CLASSES, between September and June!

Classes begin on Monday September 11, 2023. Group Lessons are 40 minutes long and meet once a week at your designated time. Please check your JCDA calendar for information on breaks and times the studio is closed, as well as special events and recital. Please note this is the first draft and we may update the calendar and dates throughout the year.

Our family owned and operated dance studio offers unmatched special programming through field trips, dance competitions, guest artists, numerous performance opportunities for your child, as well as themed Summer Programs and intensive workshops for children, teens, and college students. Adult classes also available!

To See Our Full List Of Class Offerings, View Our Current Schedule, or to Enroll, Use The Links Below.

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About Us


Jaclyn Carol's Dance Academy has been a premier dance school in WNY for over a decade! Started in 2007 by Jackie Dimino and Shari Palmer, JCDA is an inclusive, student-focused studio teaching proper dance technique through routines, games, exercises, warm-ups, workshops, videos and more.

Our students gain so much more than just a dance education - or just learning a dance routine. We have a long record of instilling confidence, coordination, and teamwork skills in a fun and inclusive atmosphere. Our teachers are truly some of the best in our region - many with teaching degrees, all with multiple certifications and years of experience working with kids of all ages and learning styles. 

  We offer classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theater, HipHop, Pointe, Acro, Break Dancing, Contemporary, All-Boys Hip-Hop, Competition, and Modern Dance for all age levels and technique levels between September and June, with special workshops and camps all year long!


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