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Competition 2021 Dance Recital

Sunday June 6th

Solos, Duets & Trios @ 12:00pm

Competition Showcase @ 2:30pm

Recital FAQ Podcast with Miss Jackie

WATCH NOW: This video message from Miss Jackie has several updates regarding recital and what is expected of your performer. 



Click here to view your 2021 Recital Information Packet. 


You are responsible for reading ALL of the information in this packet


Thank you again for your being a part of our dance family!

*These large files will take a moment to load on your computer / download on your mobile device*
2021 JCDA Recital Logo transparent png.p

Hello JCDA Families!


We hope you are all doing well. We are so excited for our 2021 outdoor recital at Cardinal O'Hara High School June 4th through 6th!

We are happy to say that our recital packets have all been thoroughly revamped and updated. It is a LOT of information, but PLEASE read through everything in the recital packet linked below. Giving your dancer an incredible recital experience starts with an informed and involved parent/guardian. A lot has changed for this year, and a lot is still the same - so before you direct any questions our way - please read through everything. You will be happy you did!


We are confident the details in your recital packet will provide you with understanding of our safety and performance processes, along with filling you in on all of the fun and exciting perks our performance venue will offer you and your dancers this year.

In addition to the full recital packet linked below, you will also find 'quick links' to easily access documents and pages you may wish to submit for your family. Please make note of due dates where applicable. 

We are so excited to celebrate another amazing dance year with you. We cannot say enough about the determination of this years students to handle all that the world has thrown at them in stride. Recital is a celebration of these kids, and we have done everything possible to ensure they get the show they deserve while still keeping everyone safe. Thank you for trusting us with your dancers - we can't wait for you to see how they have grown this year! 

All our love,

   --Miss Jackie, Miss Shari and the JCDA Team

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